Labyrinth embodies a metaphysical journey to the desolate depths of my mind where memories of trauma have festered over time. It’s a poetic reflection on the effects these memories have had on my mental state, identity, relationships, and the present.

Through images and text, Labyrinth reflects on these memories and the associated notions of time and history, bound up in this architectural space employed as a metaphor for the mind, where these poignant memories prevail.

Fighting a relentless battle with the ghosts from the past,
the only way forward is through the labyrinth of the mind.

I stand amid the ghosts
of my soaring past.

They lurk and hide
in the dark corners of my mind.

Their whispers in my ear
echo louder than a shout.

Feeding off my fear
hungry for my blinding pain,
every scream becomes
their beck and call.

I am lost
in the depths of this maze.

Truth be told, I am home
in the chambers of this labyrinth.